Jimmy Stewart once said: ‘Whenever you saw me on a mailcoach, you sorta knew that coach was going to make it through.’ Substitute the wild west with the complex world of commercial real estate and that’s the kind of confidence & trust Barry inspires in his clients.


Following are a few of their comments on our service:


I have recommended your expertise and honest services to many of  my friends and indeed to some of my tenants who have needed some more guidance.

– Dr. R. Racine, Saskatoon, SK


Thanks for the fantastic work. I have greatly benefitted from the help and guidance I have received from Stuart Commercial over the years. Your greatest asset is your well deserved reputation for honesty and integrity.

– Mr. D. Denny, Saskatoon, SK


I have had the privilege of working with Barry on a wide range of real estate transactions; including hotels, office buildings and undeveloped land. During that time, Barry has acted on our behalf in the acquisition and sale of over $25 million in real estate. In every instance, Barry has conducted himself in a very professional, honest, confident and trustworthy manner. Barry has consistently demonstrated a keen insight concerning commercial real estate values in the province and provided us reliable market advice and information. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Barry as the representative on any commercial real estate transaction in Saskatchewan

– Mr. T. de Jong, Prince Albert, SK


Whenever problems are experienced, Barry’s team has worked with us to make it right! We recognize each real estate deal is unique and can be complicated and challenging. We appreciate working with a team of professionals who get the job done.

– Mr. D. Kemmer, Saskatoon, SK


As an absentee property owner, the type of property, location, lease, tenant and management were all very important to me. I felt the ICR team was prompt and helpful regarding offers, documentation, inspections, financial options, etc. Barry and his staff’s friendly, no-nonsense approach provided comprehensive and accurate information in regards to current values, comparisons, markets and locations which simplified my decision making.

– Dr. M. Bohn, Surrey, BC


Both Kelly and Barry were available any time I called and Barry was excellent in understanding what sort of space my business needed. He was always professional and easy to deal with.

– Mr. P. Vass, Saskatoon, SK


We were very happy with the process and the results of our dealings with Barry and Kelly, from initial valuation and listing through environmental assessments, sales negotiations and closing. As expected, the negotiations presented a number of challenges but Barry kept our interests in mind and guided the process to a successful conclusion for us and the Buyer.

– Mr. K. Longworth, Calgary, AB


This was my first commercial lease. I was expecting it to be a difficult and lengthy process. However, Kelly explained every step of the way and made the process easy. She was a pleasure to work with.

– Dr. K. Insley, Saskatoon, SK


Barry and Kelly were very professional from start to finish. Both were well prepared and well versed in commercial sales. They gave good advice and were able to explain and back up that advice.

– Mr. J. Longworth, Prince Albert, SK


I am confident in Barry’s abilities as a commercial real estate agent and would be very comfortable referring him in the future. Over the past few years I have dealt with Barry on numerous transactions and have the utmost respect for him. Recently, I took part in a transaction where Barry was representing both the Vendor and the Buyer. In this situation he had to represent both parties equally, protect the assets of the Vendor, while setting a level ground for the Buyer to bid. Barry’s thorough research of the market and understanding of both parties’ needs led to the overall success of this transaction. Barry is one real estate agent that I can confidently say would be prepared to walk away from closing a deal if he felt that his integrity was being tested in any way.

– Mr. L. Ollenberger, Saskatoon, SK


Thanks for your excellent delivery of services and your outstanding courtesy in every way! Anyone who uses your services will not be sorry and will be delighted with the results.

– Ms. M. Tucker, Victoria, BC