4 ways to show your support for local business

It is certainly weird times out there right now.

With no one able to predict how long this will last, it is imperative that we remember to support local business as they’ll be struggling along with the rest of us.

But how can I support local business if I can’t leave my house?

I’m still not cooking

Thank goodness many food services are still open for business.

I can only eat so much shake and bake chicken which is the only recipe I can mildly master, thanks Mom.

While dining rooms are shut down, most kitchens are still cooking.

Consider using one of the many ordering apps out there to not only support your favourite local restaurant, but also the food delivery business as well.

If you haven’t used them before, most of the apps offer a discount for first time users.

For people that really want to avoid the one on one, my Uber Eats food courier just rang the bell last night and walked down the sidewalk until I’d picked my food up on the doorstep.

Special delivery

While CanadaPost employees are still out there making sure my bills arrive, they have become even more crucial to local businesses trying to keep stock moving.

Saskatoon’s Hardpressed is offering free shipping in light of having to close their storefront.

Not only will this keep a few jobs going to fill orders, but we can all stock up on our new work-from-home attire.

My favourite “paperie” in town, Love Soul Paper, has an online shop for all manners of supplies including craft items.

Shipping is still an option, but they’ll even coordinate curbside pick up if you want it sooner.

If you have a sweet tooth, Baked in Saskatoon will also make sure you get your fix with curbside orders.

I could go on because we have so many awesome businesses that we want to see weather this.

A friend shared a link with me the other day that is being curated by Arcana Creative.

It is a really comprehensive directory of local businesses that are still open for business.

Spread the good word

If you’re at home with a little time on your hands, now might be the time to think about promoting the places you’d like to see make it out of this.

Share posts in all forms of social media about how your favourite local business is trying to service clients.

Also, online reviews have become more powerful than ever.

If you’ve had good service from a local business, try to remember to post a Google or Facebook review to show your support.

Keep up the goodwill

If you have a membership at a local business, please consider leaving it autopay for now.

This is only applicable if you can afford it, of course.

A lot of membership driven businesses will be relying upon that income right now as they their in-person revenue drops.

If we all do our own little part to keep local business going, they will be there with open arms to welcome us back when this is all over.

Meanwhile your friendly neighbourhood commercial real estate broker is still tracking deals and finding solutions, from different office.

But working all the same!

Posted by Kelly Macsymic


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