5 ways Twitter changed the way I seek information

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market

Many are still unaware of the on demand stream of up to date information available through twitter.  Skepticsm still exists towards the effectiveness of this form of new media. I understand why. It has  taken me some time to appreciate just how it can be used as a tool to save time in this world of information overload.

Morning local and world new

The first thing I do in the morning is pick up my smartphone and view @YXEweather to choose the right number of clothing layers for my outside exercise.  My old habit of reading the newspaper online over breakfast has been replaced.

I now simply scan a list broadcast sources which I have created from the various medias that I follow in my twitter feed.  The odds are high that if there is something important happening in the world there will be a post for it.

Quicker than I can read a newspaper, I can look over a large number of mass media articles and click on to read the ones that interest me.

Latest commercial real estate developments

It does take time to establish a list of informative and reliable individuals and companies to follow.  In many cases these sources do not publish a magazine or blog to reference.

Through twitter I can tap into a huge reservoir of information applicable to my industry that just simply would not be available anywhere else.

Advances in technology

It is difficult to keep up with the rapid advances taking place in all areas of technology.  There is no question that there has been an exponential increase in advances within even the past year.

Feeds such as @FastCoExist, @Inc, @FastCompany and @Wired provide an amazing glimpse into the new world that is unfolding before us.

Management theories

I have always had an interest in investigating the latest discoveries in management theories.  For me this used to mean reading books and more recently listening to audio files.

I now find this hunger for more information mostly satisfied through digital media.  Information that is helpful is read, then simply loaded in abbreviated form to my Evernote account and stored for future reference.

Health and fitness

If there is a proven method of exercising more efficiently and eating more nutritiously I’m interested.  It would not be possible for me to read the many publications and magazines necessary to equal the information I obtain from twitter sources.

By categorizing lists of sources to follow, it is possible to easily manage these many flows of information.

Next time you have difficulty explaining to your friend or colleague why twitter is important, send them a link to this posting.  Maybe together we can convert them to this rapidly advancing digital age!

Posted by Barry Stuart


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