If it’s not -30C to -40C for a week or more, things just aren’t right in my world!

I am often accused of twisted thinking when I voice this inner paradigm and am therefore going to use this space to convert you to this liberated view of our Saskatchewan winters.

Awakening early to an announcement on my radio alarm that the temperature is forecast to stay below 30C for the next week is for me, the equivalent of consuming my favorite comfort food.

As an aside comment, I seldom step away from posting business content. This however happens to be the fifth anniversary of the launch of our blog and therefore feel justified straying from the norm.

Looking back on those first posts, it seems like only a couple of years since they were written.

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Communication Technology: Still Incapable of Replacing In-Person Meeting

Today’s communication tools include email, voicemail, social media, text and electronic messaging services, video and audio conference calls and more recently, telepresence robots.

All of these can be useful, however there are times when they just cannot replace a “belly to belly” meeting.

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Still passionate after 40 years, just getting started!

I was 20 years old when I made my first serious attempt at selling myself.

I had come to the realization after a period of overseas travel that we were incredibly fortunate to live in Canada.

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An open letter to Utility and Service Providers

Dear SaskPower/SaskEnergy/SaskTel,

I am a commercial real estate agent in Saskatoon. I’ve dealt with your companies on behalf of landlords and owners over the years.

Commercial hookups are different than residential services in that commercial clients will often require a number of people to be authorized to deal with the account.

This isn’t a new issue, I’m sure you’ve been dealing with it for years.

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The driving force of a corporation

As we begin 2018, it’s an opportune time to ponder our priorities for the coming year.

We know that a leader’s most important job is designing and implementing strategies so the organization flourishes in the long term.

There’s a quote from an unknown author I like to share, “Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again”

So with change happening that rapidly, how does a leader prioritize those strategies?

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You’ve got to have some heart in it

The recent closure of the Moose Jaw daily Times-Herald marks the further demise of local print media in Saskatchewan.

The trend is not unique to our province; small newspapers have been on the decline for many years.

It’s just hitting closer to home lately.


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Those special people we are privileged to encounter

From time to time we get to work with individuals who leave an unforgettable impression on us.

Take a moment, think back, and recall someone who you would have liked to have spent more time with. It could be for many different reasons.

These individuals surface in our day to day life sometimes for a short period, and sometimes for a long period of time.

We may not be totally conscious at the time, how they are shaping our view of the world…the realization of that impact may not come to us until years later.

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The Airbnb experience

There are a number of pros and cons when it comes to an Airbnb experience. Having just used one in Toronto this month, here’s my personal experience.

Would I recommend it? Sure, I like a deal and I’m willing to try something a little riskier than cookie cutter hotels.

But be prepared, there are a few trade-offs.

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My Personal Experience of “Unplugging”

It’s not hard to find opposing opinions on the philosophy of disengaging from technology, nor is it possible for me to say what’s right for you. My wife and I have experimented for a month now with “technology free Sundays.”

Our definition of “technology free Sunday” is that our cell phones and computers are shut down from the time we retire Saturday night until Monday morning. The experiment has been positive for both of us.

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Empowering entrepreneurs

Seeing a business plan grow from a dream to a reality is not for the weak of heart. Financing and strategy necessitate accessing the best advice to develop a sound concept.

Part of our role as agents is to educate clients on the best commercial real estate options available in the market. More than once, I’ve had tenants and buyers reconsider their wish list after seeing the concrete results of a search.

I’ve been privileged to meet several local change makers in our community helping to empower entrepreneurs.

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Trust: a true measure of integrity


We have just completed a series of meetings which focussed on the review of our corporate vision and mission statements. One of the elements discussed which is absolutely central to our company vision is trust.

It is irrelevant how good we say, or believe we are, without a high level of trust embedded within our culture as well as the trust of our clients we simply cannot achieve our corporate mission(s).

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My wife just turned over 4,000 kms

imagepng_2How could that title have anything to do with the topic of commercial real estate? The answer is it quite honestly has nothing to do with commercial real estate!

It does speak to the rewards that can materialize as a result of perseverance and hope. I felt compelled to break from the norm and share this story which has been inspired by watching my wife over the past few years.

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Four things that your CRE broker may not come out and tell you


I like to think that I’m pretty transparent with clients.  Developing a relationship of trust is paramount to establishing a long term business partnership.  It is therefore funny that some things just seem to go unsaid.

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5 ways Twitter changed the way I seek information

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market

Many are still unaware of the on demand stream of up to date information available through twitter.  Skepticsm still exists towards the effectiveness of this form of new media. I understand why. It has  taken me some time to appreciate just how it can be used as a tool to save time in this world of information overload.

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An Inspirational Work Ethic Story

wordle7I am going to wander from my typical focus on the topic of commercial real estate. Instead I’ll share a short story about an inspiring individual my wife and I met returning from a recent trip abroad.

It can be so easy for us from time to time to complain about minor details of our life that don’t seem to be meeting our expectations.  We may grumble about having to put in a few extra hours at work to complete a task, or what we deem to be a client’s unrealistic expectation of us.

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