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Over the years I have had many people make the statement “I could never be a salesperson.” When I question them it becomes clear to me they are coming from a place which provides for a very narrow definition of the word.

The narrow view

The descriptions that come back to me when they’re questioned are: “a person with the gift of the gab,” “someone who could sell an ice box to an eskimo” or “swampland in Florida.”  All of these definitions lack one thing; there seems to be little or no regard for the recipient of the goods or service.

Mutual working relationship

The first step when meeting a potential client is determining if they are comfortable working with me, if my skills are right to properly service their needs; and am I comfortable working with them.  There are many areas of expertise in commercial real estate and there are times when it is necessary for me to refer a prospect to another agent or another firm.

It is important to assess the expectations of the buyer, seller, tenant or landlord. If I believe those expectations are unrealistic I will say so.  I am not interested in accepting an assignment that we know is not achievable.

Don’t do the deal can often be the advice

A good salesperson reads and interprets what the prospect is representing as their goal. The objective of the professional salesperson is to find the very best solution to meet that goal.

An experienced commercial real estate agent, as an example, is able to assess options with an intuitive discernment that takes a multitude of factors into consideration. If the option being considered is not a good fit for the client they are advised as such along with the recommendation to continue the search.

Where does the skill of persuasion come into play

A competent salesperson demonstrates strong persuasion skills.  Coming back to my opening statement, I believe many people may have that “foot in the door” image of the salesperson who will do anything to convince you to contract the deal.

When I truly believe a client should, or should not go forward with a transaction, it is my job to pull together all of the persuasion skills I possess to convince them.  I have studied and practiced this skill all of my working career.

No matter who you are, your ability to sell your idea(s) to those you encounter in life will have a tremendous bearing on how far you go. For that reason we are all in the business of sales! What’s your definition of a salesperson?

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