Does your space measure up

68539-giant-measuring-tapeIt can be difficult for tenants to estimate what size of space of they need. You are going to pay per square foot for what you lease, so you want to make sure you’re utilizing every inch of every corner.

Often times I will get the call for a specific size range only to take a client on location and find out is much larger or smaller than they actually need. It’s not a great use of their time or mine so I like to use a couple tools to help estimate what that need might be ahead of time, we are much more likely to hit close to their target.

Multiplying solution

A practice I utilize in a pinch is the 300 Rule of Thumb. You literally take the number of employees you have and multiply that by 300. It’s not an exact measurement, but it tends to arrive at a figure very close to what you require.

You can access the Rule of Thumb multiplier off our company website. There are means of adjusting the multiplier and arriving at different scenarios of efficient, typical or spacious.

Add up the requirements

On the same page of our website is a nifty resource called the Office Space Calculator. It is allows you to input the number of offices you need and choice of sizes. The site quickly adds up your needs and totals them at the bottom.

Both these techniques are available at: ICR Online Tools

When in doubt

If the option is around for you to view an example of a set up that you think would serve your needs, that is often a great way to estimate space. Your agent may think of someone they know that would let you tour their space.

Do you have an online tool or trick of the trade that you’d recommend to someone seeking space in the Saskatoon real estate market?

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