The driving force of a corporation

As we begin 2018, it’s an opportune time to ponder our priorities for the coming year.

We know that a leader’s most important job is designing and implementing strategies so the organization flourishes in the long term.

There’s a quote from an unknown author I like to share, “Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again”

So with change happening that rapidly, how does a leader prioritize those strategies?

The Trump Card

Author Patrick Lencioni, says it best, “Organizational health will one day surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.”

To me, the answer to the above question is crystal clear…prioritize organizational health!

I don’t have to focus on the competition, instead we can play the infinite game of focus on self …and win; it has been stated that Apple is secretly not competing against the competition but competing against itself.

What’s organization health about?

Two of my earlier posts speak to the internal philosophies and strategies at ICR that demonstrate our internal collaboration and some guiding principles to position us for the future.

For some time it has no longer been enough to just sell something.

Corporations need to create an emotional connection with clients to build brand loyalty. Our clients are looking for, and deserve more.

It’s ironic!  The most effective big picture thinking we can engage in, is internally focussed. That internal focus turns out to be building our brand.

This means that we no longer play to win for just the next year but, instead focus on playing to win for the next number of years!

We choose trust

What is the one, singular word that I believe achieves all of this? That word is trust.

Client trust emerges through successful focus on trust within our organization. It is a process rather than a destination.

We need to be cautious; to never believe we have “arrived”. It’s the journey that will allow us to grow and flourish.

Want to grow your corporation? Focus on organizational health and you will see your culture of productivity and communication improve exponentially!

Posted by Barry Stuart


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