Empowering entrepreneurs

Seeing a business plan grow from a dream to a reality is not for the weak of heart. Financing and strategy necessitate accessing the best advice to develop a sound concept.

Part of our role as agents is to educate clients on the best commercial real estate options available in the market. More than once, I’ve had tenants and buyers reconsider their wish list after seeing the concrete results of a search.

I’ve been privileged to meet several local change makers in our community helping to empower entrepreneurs.

Schooled for success

Saskatoon is home to the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship, which is a post-secondary training institution dedicated to launching new business owners.

They have been running programs covering all business areas of acumen since 1991. Over 700 alumni have launched companies in Western Canada.

In turn, many of their graduates have returned to the organization as coaches and mentors.

I was proud to be part of their recent expansion into a new location at 131 Wall Street. If you’d like more information about what Monica Kreuger and her team offer please contact them at praxisschoolofentrepreneurship.com.

“Female entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with…”

Afore quoted, Kellie Garrett of the Women’s Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan makes a valid point. Don’t mess with a lady with a [business] plan!

Helping lend funds to female business owners, Women’s Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan was launched in 1995.

They have provided over $30 million in loans and are 900 members strong across the province.

The organization fills a role in providing business advice and support services in addition to start up or expansion lending. They also present good opportunities for their members to network and mentor.

This non-profit is headquartered in Saskatoon but also has a Regina office. For information on working with these powerful business ladies, please contact them at womenentrepreneurs.sk.ca.

Growing capital with Seeds for Dreams

Seeds for Dreams is a grassroots movement in Saskatoon to crowdfund entrepreneurial progress. I was invited to the organization’s initial launch this past week.

This group of like-minded individuals in the local business community offer small Saskatchewan businesses the opportunity to pitch their brand with the chance to win funding from donors.

Criteria to be considered for a pitch includes the following: the company must be headquartered in Saskatchewan; the company must have been in operation for one year (which can still be pre-revenue if demonstrated near market); and lastly, at least one team leader or owner is a female.

Each attendee commits to bringing a $100 donation to pool towards the successful pitch. We heard three business owners talk about their passions from urban farming, confidence coaching and home safety prevention.

The successful pitch came from Roberta Bain of Ecobain Gardens, who was delighted to be the recipient of $6,100 towards growing their herb division.

The group hopes to hold pitches every quarter with the next date planned for June. If you know of anyone who meets the criteria and could use some angel funding, please direct them to this online form.

Every penny or bit of advice helps in business so why not start monopolizing on some of the great resources right here in Saskatoon? And once you’re on your way, I’m here to help find your business a home or assist with expansion into that next great commercial space.

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