ICR grows again

ICR Logo green with shadowThis is a great day for ICR, its employees and agents. It’s also a great day for Saskatchewan and the owners and tenants in the real estate industry. We are pleased to announce a new partnership. ICR developed over its 22 year history a unique operating model for a Commercial Real estate company. The company operates in a world of multi-nationals and competes at the top level in the Real Estate Arena.

After consultation with its key employees regarding succession planning, turning the company over to a multi-national corporation was not an option. The employees and sales force recognized ICRs strong Local advantage. Their desire for ICR to continue as a Saskatchewan company was unanimous.

The founders of the company will continue to be involved and over the next few years complete a transfer the control and asset to existing partners and the employees purchasing group called the “ICR Group”.

The new partners who will be joining the firm include : Barry Stuart, Stacy Dybvig , Eugene Hritzuk, Josh Walchuck, John Kachur, Todd Butler, Ken Kreutzwieser, and Jayson Elenko.

The new Partners have all contributed to ICR’s growth over the last 22 years. The transaction was funded without encumbering the company which will allow ICR to continue to grow and expand. Existing partners include Craig Kuse who will drive the Saskatoon Residential Rental and Condo Division, Devin Jaspar who will drive the Saskatoon Commercial Management division in conjunction with property management founder Sandi Elenko. Barry Stuart and Stacy Dybvig will assume roles as new managing partners for Saskatoon Brokerage and will continue to work with founders Phill Elenko and Ron Ritchie in this capacity. Partners Linely Schaefer and David Kevill as managing partners will continue to drive ICR Regina. The new ICR model also allows for future employees to join the ownership group.

“We couldn’t be happier than to see our people participate in ICR and continue to grow the ICR Brand,” state founding partners Sandi Elenko, Ron Ritchie, and Phill Elenko. The company which operates in Regina and Saskatoon was incorporated in 1993. The company completed 586 sale lease transactions in 2015 and currently manages $3 billion of Real Estate. It remains the largest Saskatchewan owned third party provider of Commercial Real Estate Services.

The company colors are and will continue to be Green.


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