Inside Anatomy of a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

On Friday our Saskatoon ICR crew travelled to Regina to experience the shiny new Mosaic Stadium and support our Rider’s 37 -12 defeat of the Alouettes.

Although not the point of this story, I have to say it’s an impressive facility, one that this province can be proud of.

On our way to the game we stopped in to hook up with our Regina group and tour their new offices.

Unique approach, unique results

I was intrigued by a colleague’s account of an earlier visit to that office by another commercial real estate broker.

With the build-out appearing complete, this other broker was curious why doors weren’t installed on the individual offices.

He reported that his office has not only doors, but locks on those individual office doors.

My colleague explained that the design of his office was the same as all ICR offices…no office doors and no locks. The only place doors can be found are on client meeting rooms and bathrooms.

It’s difficult to sell to a client on the benefits of engaging a large firm unless I can demonstrate there is an internal culture of collective effort and trust.

The strategies that I employ to achieve my client’s goals are enhanced by the amount of experience I have as a broker.

I can, however, significantly increase the effectiveness of those strategies by harnessing the experience and network reach of my group.

There are times when a client requires confidentiality which necessitates a conversation take place behind closed doors. We have client rooms to facilitate those conversations.

The reason I write about this is because our model is unique for a large company.

A depth of sharing can be found in our business meetings that is uncommon in the industry.

To put it simply, there are many more deals that flow as a result of those meetings that just would not happen without the culture of trust.

You may ask, how do you assess the anatomy of a commercial real estate brokerage?

Visit their office.

Posted by Barry Stuart


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