Interesting facts about Saskatoon and Regina downtown parking rates

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We hear much discussion about the lack of downtown parking options. Fueling that discussion in both Saskatoon and Regina are the varied opinions on the pros and cons of bike lanes and their impact when parking stalls are eliminated to create those bike corridors.

Many times mid-week, on an evening in the dead of winter, I’ve found it necessary to drive around the block more than once to find a parking spot in downtown Saskatoon. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s -30C, prairie people are hardy souls who keep on going no matter what the weather throws at them!  Here’s a synopsis of the stats from our recently released Parking Survey.

Trend of rates in Saskatoon and Regina

Probably due to the fact that Saskatoon is currently experiencing a high vacancy in downtown office, parking rates have not increased in the past year. Regina however is reporting an average five percent increase over the same period. We collect the data for surface, surface with plug-in, covered and heated underground stalls. When the high and low numbers are averaged in each of those categories we come up with a median rate of $190.00 per month in Saskatoon and $195.00 per month in Regina. It’s interesting to note however that we have monthly rental rates as high as $385.00 for heated underground in Saskatoon whereas that maximum rate in Regina is only $300.00 per month.

Hourly and Daily Rates

Parking rates

As you can see from the above chart, Saskatoon paved surface stalls command a considerably higher price at $20.00 per day than the same category in Regina at $14.00 per day. These numbers are in spite of the fact that there are more surface stalls available in downtown Saskatoon. Another interesting difference is the all day minimum rate is $5.00 in Regina and $10.00 in Saskatoon.

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