Key benefits of engaging full service Commercial Real Estate firm

A client will only benefit from a company that offers a full suite of services when each department provides an exceptional level of service.

I value a place of business that can offer me that exceptional one-stop shopping experience. I believe we at ICR have that to offer.

All of our departments have grown organically to a combined staff of over 100 full time employees.

I believe the quote from Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is true of ICR.

Even though each department is autonomous, we communicate as a team and this is where the client wins.

There are no surprises when working with our congruous culture.  We have a consistent, high standard of practice and are accountable to each other.

It’s not difficult to understand the benefit of engaging one commercial real company to perform multiple duties. Here’s an outline which illustrates the diversity of our company.

Full brokerage services:

Sale, lease and lease renewal of industrial, retail and office property; the sale of multi-family and hospitality property as well as stand-alone businesses

Full management of multi-family property:

Including both rentals and owner occupied condominiums

Full management of commercial property:

Including industrial, retail and office buildings

Facilities management:

Various levels of physical management

Financial management:

Includes all required accounting functions


All areas of repair and maintenance including yard maintenance

Construction Dept:

New construction as well as reconstruction of interior improvements

What many people may not realize is that both full and partial management services can be made available.

If you’re shopping for broker representation, ask for a proposal along with some client testimonials; take a look at the physical condition of properties in their portfolio, how they are being cared for.

The dollar per hour productivity benefits of hiring a professional should be quantifiable. Our growth could not be sustained without satisfied clients!

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Posted by Barry Stuart



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