Mainstream media’s obsession with the equities market

Think of individuals you know who have what you would consider financial depth.  I’m speaking of individuals who achieved that financial depth on their own, rather than through inheritance or a lottery win.

Of those individuals where you have a reasonable insight into their history, how many amassed that wealth through investing in stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, GIC’s, bonds etc?  How many people do you know through diligent saving and contributing to these various investment vehicles, either on their own or through an investment counsellor have been excited with the results?

The truth is I don’t know many who stand up and speak with enthusiasm about their investment results in this area.

Work for a wage and save

I know many very knowledgeable, professional financial planners who excel at what they do.

A solid investment portfolio includes diversity and many forms of investment vehicles. However, I tell my adult children that the likelihood of achieving their financial goals by simply working for a wage and investing in a mainstream financial market is slim.  By far, the majority I know who have found financial independence have achieved it through either income from their own business, or investing in real estate.

The root reason many don’t go explore these alternative options can be fear based. It is easier to put aside a percentage of what you make, put it in the hands of a financial planner and hope everything works out.

Just do it

As a wise friend once advised me…”just do it!” After much due diligence and consideration of a Saskatchewan commercial real estate opportunity, I was faced with the decision to do it or not.  I have not looked back!

You may think the purpose of this blog post is to cultivate more commercial real estate investor prospects.  It is not.  We do not have enough investment opportunities to satisfy our current client list.

Talk to your friends who have found success in these alternative investment areas.  Maybe you can partner with someone you trust.  When you have made up your mind to step out of the mainstream chatter and find your own path, opportunities will find you!

Posted by Barry Stuart


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