What major Saskatoon retail corridor is this?

question-markSometimes the most obvious answers are right in front of us. I often get retail tenants looking for high exposure retail zoning. In Saskatoon’s under retailed landscape this can be a tough find.

There is one area that springs to mind that many people have underrated over the years. See if you can guess where I’m talking about.

Make the connection

This area is considered part of a central hub for Saskatoon. It encompasses the full City of Saskatoon population as part of its trading area including the communities of Warman and Martensville.

There is accessibility to all neighbourhoods in Saskatoon from any direction.

Build it and they will come

There are 1,140 hotel and motel rooms with convention facility currently in the area. This will be further complemented by an additional 500 rooms under construction or proposed.

Best retail value in town

Advertised lease rates are on average 38 per cent lower rent than other major retail corridors and suburban centres.

You’re exposed

77,000 cars a day zip past the front doors of retailers on this corridor. This strip is the only six blocks of direct retail access off Saskatoon’s 26km singular freeway.

You should be getting warm in your guess as to where I’m leading us.

Home of national tenants

A few of the big boys on this strip include Home Depot, Sears, Staples and Partsource. Many of these stores report strong sales and have been located in the area for a number of years.

Have you guessed it?

I’m talking about Circle Drive and the north retail corridor in particular. The area is not without its challenges, such as traffic, which can be a double edged sword. City planners have been trying to address the issue with timing of lights and other strategies.

Some of that drive through traffic will be reduced with the construction of the north commuter bridge. The area does make sense for retailers with high exposure needs, however. It’s worth taking a look at!

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