Midtown Common erases all signs of Sears

“I think we’re eating in linens right now,” I said casually to my mom recently.

We were taking in the tastes offered by Midtown Common, the new Midtown Plaza food court located in the Sears vacancy.

Any semblance of the historic retailer, however, has all but disappeared.

The shopping space has been replaced with exposed concrete and a modern look.

Basically everything Sears wasn’t.

Change takes time

Sears closed their doors for good in January 2018 at the Midtown Plaza, Saskatoon’s downtown interior mall.

The vacancy as a whole was blocked off from the rest of the mall and I’d assume the demolition has been ongoing ever since.

Rumours swirled around who would be replacing the estimated 160,000 SF tenancy.

I predicted that they’d chop the space up and indeed, that’s what has happened.

Midtown Common has chewed up approximately 42,000 SF of the Sears second storey.

Second Floor – Midtown Plaza

The remainder of the second floor is currently blocked off, but I would expect it will be developed in the future.

The main floor of the vacancy has been transformed just as dramatically.

Main Floor – Midtown Plaza

The natural existing corridor from the mall now extends into the Sears space (right through perfumes and make up!) and offers multiple tenant retail units.

Signage indicates the Shoppers will soon relocate to a newly demised unit that will face 20th St, basically in the old sleepwear and lingerie section.

I don’t have any confirmation if this is to allow for direct outdoor access, which would align with the format of other Shoppers locations.

New look, new faces

Most of the existing tenants have moved up from the previous food court, which was located on the main floor of the Midtown facing towards Idylwyld Drive.

There are five new vendors to the food hall, with room for 16 tenants in total.

Having visited a few times now, I’ve tried newbies Mia Pasta (meh) and Pi Co (yum!).

I’ll pretend my decision to have KFC, which is new to Midtown, was because my 7-year-old niece wanted it. But that’s a lie. We both did. I can confirm it was delicious as always.

The old food court is already cordoned off for MEC’s renovation, which will see 16,000 SF of retail with 4,000 SF for service shops and community rental space.

MEC is expected to open in the spring of 2020.

City of Saskatoon pitches in support

The entire facelift to the mall and new food hall is estimated to be costing the Midtown owners $80 million.

This will be softened slightly by a tax abatement, only to the Sears portion of mall, from the City of Saskatoon.

Though they have no policy in place, Council endorsed what will effectively be a five-year tax abatement worth approximately $565,000 per year.

Mall representatives estimate they draw 11 million visits per year.

Posted by Kelly Macsymic


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