My “Negative Attitude” cure for the CRE Professional

I’m grateful that despite the new challenges many of us are currently encountering in this remarkable new world, I’m doing well. 

However, that would not always have been the case in my past.

Many of us are now settled into a new routine at our home office, where most communication takes place by either phone or video conferencing.

As social animals we are not geared to be physically isolated from colleagues, friends and family. That physical isolation can lead to self doubt, fear and anxiety. 

There is a solution I’ve found, which is guaranteed to get me out of my negativity.

During my early adulthood, I observed individuals whose benevolence to others came naturally.

It took a few life altering experiences for me to appreciate what it meant to give to others.  Prior to that, although I was honest and fair minded, I was also self centered.

It was unlikely you’d find me giving to others unless there was something in it for me. Usually something that could feed my ego.

Working through those life altering experiences, I began to see how sharing my experience, strength and hope with others, provided a far more fulfilling perspective.

Here’s four ideas, tailored for our current times, that I’ve found are guaranteed to lift my spirits!

Call a friend

What about that elderly aunt you’ve been meaning to call?  Is there an old friend who’s currently isolated in a senior’s home?

You’d make their day and yours by taking 10 minutes to give them a call.

Work Pro bono

This can be as simple as calling and offering your professional expertise to a businessperson who is not your client and may be struggling to navigate the current storm.

Or a on a longer-term basis, make a commitment to allocate a portion of your time each year to a non-profit organization that could benefit from your professional guidance.

Reach out and help a colleague

It may be a new employee or someone you’ve worked with for many years. 

Reach out and offer to share your experience in an area that they may be struggling.

Keep paying your professional service providers

Reach out to your local, small business service provider such as your home housekeeper, trainer or hair salon (anyone who has seen me knows that suggestion is from my wife) and continue to pay them as you would if they were still providing you the service.

If you happen to be reading this at a time when you’re feeling pessimistic, pick up the phone and make that call!  I guarantee you’ll feel better…or you can have your misery back.

Bonus Idea: Last year I handwrote, a one-page gratitude list. I read it daily. It’s literally impossible to harbour a negative attitude while feeling grateful.

And finally, we’ve been here before; we’ll be here again; and we will get though this!

Posted by Barry Stuart


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