Oh, the Places I’ll Go… when the pandemic is over

Who is counting down to travelling again?

Hopefully, you’ve been adhering to government guidelines like the rest of us with the belief that our sacrifice is for the greater good of all.

Staying stuck at home, though, has only caused me to watch more TV and movies which in turn have made me long for adventure.

A floating hotel in Amsterdam

I’m not suggesting a hotel on their famous canals, no, I’m talking about cantilevers galore on this property.

I watched a quick docu-show about the construction of the nhow Amsterdam RAI during my homestay this past year.

Ignoring the odd name (not a typo), this property is a feast for the eyes.

The building is constructed with three literal triangles positioned on top of each other.

There are six unique room designs inspired by the six cardinal directions: south, east, north, southwest, southeast, and northwest.

Floor to ceiling glazing provides spectacular cityscape views.

A total of 650 rooms makes up the 24-storey development, which is located next door to Amsterdam’s convention and exhibition centre.

I have to say my last stay as a starving student in Amsterdam was less than glamourous.

I’ve always wanted to go back and to see this hotel in person seems like a great excuse!

In a New York minute

Like a lot of places I’ve visited on the cheap, I would love to see New York from the higher end now.

So many films and TV shows are based in this metropolitan centre that it’s hard not to feel the pull back.

A stay at the Carlyle is at the top of my wish list.

This famous hotel was opened at just about the worst time for America, shortly after the 1929 stock market crash.

It struggled and went into receivership within a year.

It’s changed hands many times and the history is fully detailed in the 2018 documentary Always at the Carlyle.

The hotel oozes old New York with its carefully preserved art deco motif and luxury amenities.

The allure of the Carlyle lies in the stories of the people who have frequented this NYC landmark.

Following her famous rendition of Happy Birthday to JFK at Madison Square Garden, Marilyn Monroe navigated through a series of tunnels to make her way secretly back to his suite at the Carlyle.

Many heads of state and royals, such as Princess Diana, have laid their heads at the Carlyle.

It’s greatest claim to fame, though, is the staff’s adherence to the strictest privacy of its guests.

It sounds too intriguing to pass up and maybe I’ll pass George Clooney in the lobby.

Cowgirl at heart

And now for a totally left turn, I want to see Montana.

This may seem less strange unless you already know I like a pair of cowboy boots more than a set of heels.

During the pandemic, I’ve become slightly obsessed with a fictitious rancher family based out of the Big Sky state.

Yellowstone follows the lives of John Dutton and his adult children hanging onto what is described as the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S.

They’ve sold me on the views of this beautiful landscape which is as much a character on the show as the actors.

I’ve always been curious about Yellowstone national park and the show has piqued my interest further.

Yellowstone spans just under 9,000 square kilometres and stretches through Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

The natural wonders of the geysers such as Old Faithful, which continues to erupt every 90 minutes, surely must be seen to be believed.

I’m sure I could also satisfy my inner cowgirl with a guided horse ride from one of the many local outfitters.

It appears the park caters to all accommodations, which for me would be soaking in a jacuzzi after that horse ride.

But until we all get the safe go ahead, I will stay put like the rest of you while I plan my fantasy vacations.

Has anyone else felt inspired to go somewhere based on what they’ve been watching or reading lately?

Posted by Kelly Macsymic


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