My Personal Experience of “Unplugging”

It’s not hard to find opposing opinions on the philosophy of disengaging from technology, nor is it possible for me to say what’s right for you. My wife and I have experimented for a month now with “technology free Sundays.”

Our definition of “technology free Sunday” is that our cell phones and computers are shut down from the time we retire Saturday night until Monday morning. The experiment has been positive for both of us.

I discovered many years ago the benefits of isolating client communications to typical business hours.

During my work week I am fully engaged in what I do. My brain doesn’t stop strategizing business solutions evening and weekends. However I find overall I’m simply better at what I do when disciplined in those client response times.

I have enjoyed “unplugged” vacations which for me are defined as call forwarding my cell phone and disengaging business email (am very fortunate to have a Business Manager who has worked with me for many years and I trust absolutely to properly take care of business in my absence). For these two reasons, this most recent experiment wasn’t difficult.

Typically I will draft most of my LinkedIn, Twitter and blog contributions for the week and pre-post them on the weekend.

Now it means I’m sitting down on Saturday rather than Sunday to get them done.

So what are the benefits to this recent discipline? I can best describe it as turning down the volume on the noise in my brain.

Even though I may not check my phone, email or social media accounts incessantly, I now have a day of not even thinking about checking them.

We seem to have more time for reading, recreation and relaxation. Our family and friends who typically communicate with us through cell or text message have been told if they need to reach us on our technology free day, they can call the landline number.

And you know the best part….neither of us have missed a thing!

Do you feel that technology is keeping you from fully living your life? I’m interested to hear your feedback.

Posted by Barry Stuart



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