Those special people we are privileged to encounter

From time to time we get to work with individuals who leave an unforgettable impression on us.

Take a moment, think back, and recall someone who you would have liked to have spent more time with. It could be for many different reasons.

These individuals surface in our day to day life sometimes for a short period, and sometimes for a long period of time.

We may not be totally conscious at the time, how they are shaping our view of the world…the realization of that impact may not come to us until years later.

Synchronistic event

A gentleman I worked with over 20 years ago somehow popped into my mind recently. I thought about his integrity, enthusiasm for business and the fun he had in life.

I had worked with him for over 15 years and knew him well.

At one point he was my manager until the time came when we switched roles and I became his manager.

He did a great job as a manager, he simply wanted to go back and do what he enjoyed most. I admired him for that life decision that confirmed he knew himself well.

Literally the day after I thought of him, I was on a plane reading our local newspaper. While reading the obituaries I was shocked to read that this man who I had admired had just passed away.

I was aware that he had been ill in the past but didn’t know the cancer had come back.


Attending his memorial service was like taking a step back in time.

I had the opportunity to reacquaint with some that I had not seen for a number of years.

We had a lot of fun “back in the day” and it was great to relive some of those memories.

Time does pass by so quickly; we can move from one career to another and become disconnected from a large group of people who were central in our lives.

Lesson Learned

Although these special people may come and go from our lives, they leave an impression upon us that becomes woven into the fabric of our being.

I regret that it took the death of someone I admire to cause me to shift my priorities. A couple of us have decided to plan a get together with the old crew in the near future.

Is there any important person from your past that has popped into your mind lately? Maybe there’s a reason they’ve come to mind.

Posted by Barry Stuart


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