The art of passionate selling

As a commercial real estate broker/advisor, the type of assignments I take varies significantly.

They’re never boring; there’s a different nuance to every deal!

I started my career in real estate sales when I was 20 years old and to this day, still find it immensely rewarding when a client’s goals are met through a closed transaction.

How does the passion come into it?

By passionately searching for strategies to add value to the typical solutions available to a client.

That could mean coming up with creative lease or sale options.

Researching information that sheds new light on an assignment.

Making the client aware of potential roadblocks before they appear.

As well as introducing creative negotiation methods or introducing elements to a deal that will provide future protection to the client.

Creating the deal

This is where the art of passionate selling becomes the most rewarding.

It starts with a creative idea which, as an example, could include repurposing of a property and/or introducing a new business idea to a client. It then involves enthusiastically selling the idea to the parties involved.

I have previously attempted to dispel that age old image of what is sometimes referred to as that “foot in the door” salesperson.

The passion is present only when it comes from a belief that the client stands to benefit tremendously from the potential deal before him.

From a broker’s point of view, the icing on the cake is when the community also stands to benefit significantly from the deal proposed.

That being the state of “flow” where we get to orchestrate value where none before existed!

There will always be a place in complex transactions for a professional salesperson.

And for women, I think there could even be a greater opportunity to shine in our industry through passionate work.

I feel very fortunate to have chosen this career path which has been both demanding and fulfilling. 

Posted by Barry Stuart


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