Time was up for Continental Hotel

Saskatoon’s beleaguered former Continental Hotel has met with the wrecking ball.

The Continental Hotel had been in in operation since 1967 before they officially closed their tavern in 2007.

It only took a few hours to erase the storied history of the building.

Hint of the past

Owner Mark Bobyn originally purchased the property around 2008.

He planned to remodel the property and reopen as a boutique hotel.

He was actively doing so in 2010 when he discovered crude sketches which were likely completed by Chinese labourers in the early 1900s.

The Continental Hotel was under no heritage status designations, however, which may have halted the demolition order.

Too little too late

The City of Saskatoon’s patience with Bobyn ran out, though.

Over the years, disrepair has led to a dangerous situation for passing pedestrian and emergency services who have made numerous calls to the vacant property.

The Fire Department deemed the property unsafe this past February and placed an order of demolition on the property.

Too old to save

If it makes sense financially and creates leasable space, I totally advocate the restoration of older buildings.

The repurposing of the former Saskatoon police station has turned out beautifully even if demand for office space has hampered leasing opportunities.

But sometimes buildings reach the end of their useful lives, and they are unable to be reborn.

Posted by Kelly Macsymic


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