Well worth the price of admission

You can’t beat the smell of fresh popcorn or the big screen presentation of a movie in a cinema.

Movie theatres like all entertainment venues have struggled to hang on during the unending global turmoil of the pandemic.

Will they ever get back to business as usual?

Slow and steady

The Canadian film industry arrived at a box office revenue of $345 million in 2021.

This represents approximately a 47 per cent increase from 2020 during strict pandemic restrictions.

Globally it’s been reported that box office revenue is approximately half was it was two years ago which means Canada’s theatres have recovered a little more quickly.

The business of movies

Cinemas have multiple streams of income to support themselves.

Ticket sales are an obvious revenue generator, but people may not realize that the studio receives a large percentage of that.

Their percentage changes depending on how long the film runs which is why first weekend opening vales are reported.

While studios earn a higher percentage during opening days of a movie, the cinema benefits from the volume to offset.

The unknown factor that makes the business rather precarious is whether the film will be a blockbuster or not, as that is really where the majority of money is made for everyone.

This trickles down into concession and merchandising are other drivers for revenue, as well as advertising pre-viewing.

Speeding up options

Older movie buffs appear to the slowest to return to the in-theatre experience.

This could be indicative of the higher risk factor for older viewers as the pandemic limps on.

Surely movie releases will continue to evolve, however, with the advent of home streaming options.

Movies are appearing on stream services much more quickly, and in some cases, simultaneously.

Old school VHS and DVD viewers might remember waiting up to a year to see a movie released for home viewing.

Best bang for your Covid buck

See a movie in the safest possible way.

Consider a cinema with ample seating, such as the Roxy Theatre, to keep distance from other viewers.

This Saskatoon hidden gem is not only safe, but its spectacular ambiance can’t be beat.

The Roxy gives visitors the opportunity to see a wider range of movies outside of grandiose Hollywood productions.

People seeking the most retro feel to watching a movie can still catch their films in the most Covid-friendly way: via drive-in theatre.

Saskatchewan is home to multiple drive-ins including the communities of Manitou Beach, Carlyle, Pilot Butte, Kyle, and Wolseley.

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