What does a YXE “No Door” C.R.E. policy mean to you

cooperative-entrepreneursIn short, it means that you are being represented by a commercial real estate brokerage made up of a team that trusts each other.  Some believe a team is a group of people who simply work together. Unless trust is present within that group, you do not have a team. Let me explain what is meant by “no door” policy.

­Synergy created by a team approach

In many brokerage offices, unless there is a listing agreement or conditional contract in place, Agents are reluctant to state details of the files they’re working on.

They are fearful of how that information may be used by others within their office. Now imagine a brokerage where there are no doors on individual offices; where input is routinely sought through electronic group discussion and weekly business meetings.

Each assignment we are given seems to have its own unique characteristics. If trust exists with the agents I’m working with, I am able to brainstorm more solutions for my projects.

Necessary exceptions to a “No Door” policy

There are times in this business where discretion is required. When our clients require that we maintain absolute confidentiality.

In those cases it is necessary to have private offices available for meetings and phone conversations; where a system is required for processing of confidential contracts. It is conversely important in these cases that your team respects the nature of the assignment.

Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” What does this all mean for you the customer?

Our ability to respond to your needs is exponentially improved.  If you’re interviewing a commercial real estate agent, ask them if they have a door on their office.  How they answer that question may tell you a great deal about the culture they work in.

Posted by Barry Stuart


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