Where are all the female commercial real estate agents?

I ask this question because I believe women bring great value to our profession.

It’s difficult to locate the current ratio of female/male licensed real estate agents in Canada.

A quick look at Saskatoon, SK as an example; of the 60 individuals who work full time in commercial real estate sales as licensed agents, 13 per cent are female.

Compare that to the 2017 NAR (U.S. based National Association of Realtors) Member Profile (which is made up primarily of residential agents) that states sixty-three per cent of members are female, that’s two thirds of all agents.

What value do women bring?

Most of a commercial real estate agent’s time is spent working with corporate decision makers.

The current demographic of the typical baby boomer run company, is male dominated. However, women are filling these management positions on an increasing basis as baby boomers retire.

The reality is, male or female, many would like the option of collaborating/working with a woman.

Women bring a viewpoint that is simply different from our male perspective.

As we navigate an increasingly complex world, we need creative problem solving solutions to better serve our clients, and in my experience diversity tends to bolster creativity.

What is the best way for women to succeed?

A few of the women at ICR have recently established the ICR Women’s Charity Classic golf tournament which take place August 16th.

This tournament presents just one of many great opportunities women can find to network with other like-minded professionals (I do acknowledge that golf is not for every woman).

In an earlier blog post, my colleague Kelly Macsymic offered her comments, including some alternative avenues and opportunities for marketing.

Showing your competent, confident and assertive side is the best way to gain respect in the business world.

We all have constructive ideas to share. Those who have the courage to go against the status quo and speak up, may find their input is requested frequently.

A great opportunity exists

If you are that competent, confident and assertive woman I described above and are considering a career change, take a look at commercial real estate sales.

It can be an immensely rewarding career; both personally and financially rewarding!

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