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Barry Stuart

Managing Partner
Senior Sales Associate
ICR Commercial Real Estate

Barry has been with ICR since 1996 and is at the heart of ICR’s ongoing corporate growth. His primary focus is origination and execution of commercial real estate sales throughout Saskatchewan. Barry offers experienced representation as a broker in all asset classes and brings an intuitive insight to his client interactions.

He is a four-time recipient of ICR’s annual Saskatchewan Top Producer Award and is a regular contributor to industry publications. Barry is married with five adult children and is kept very busy during their family time with seven grandchildren.

Him and his Business Manager, Kelly Macsymic have found that this blog can be used as a great tool to refer clients to specific articles. The hope is that they can better understand the nuances of the Saskatchewan commercial real estate business.  They believe that if you as a client have a better understanding of commercial real estate business strategies, you are more likely to get to where you want to go with better insight into the process.

On average you will find a new blog post every week.  You’re invited to subscribe and they welcome questions, comments and suggestions. The representations made are of his own opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of ICR Commercial Real Estate.

Kelly Macsymic

Sales Associate, ICR Commercial Real Estate
Business Manager, Stuart Commercial Inc.

A gal of all trades, Kelly spends her time as a sales and leasing agent at ICR in addition to her other role as general sidekick and business manager for Stuart Commercial Inc.

Kelly pursued an interest in writing at Lethbridge College and was gainfully employed for several years in weekly papers in rural Saskatchewan. After a few adventures at the University of Regina and abroad in England, opportunity knocked and she accepted the chance to move to Saskatoon.

Since her arrival at Barry’s doorstep, Kelly has been taken under his wing. He’s shown her the ropes at ICR through his most capable hands as one of ICR’s top producers. They are a dynamic team. Kelly continues to flex her journalism skills co-authoring the blog with Barry.

Kelly spends free time with her husband and their pooch, taking in live music events whenever possible. She has been actively involved on the board of directors for BPW (Business and Professional Women) Saskatoon, Holliston Community Association and LutherCare Communities.

The opinions expressed here are our own and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of ICR Commercial Real Estate General Partnership. Barry Stuart and Kelly Macsymic are licensed under Stuart Commercial Inc. which has a contractual relationship with ICR Commercial Real Estate.


  1. Barry;
    Merry Christmas ! Would you please send me an email? I want your advice on an issue.

  2. I’m thrilled I came across your blog, “Definition of a Salesperson – The Saskatchewan Edge” posted by Barry Stuart, which led me to your site. The article makes interesting read, with down-to-earth examples. I am more thrilled to see your list of recent posts on topics of interest. I am a brand strategist (catalyst) based in Lagos and I decided to start writing and training, to educate and harness the untapped brand development potentials here, esp in the Real Estate sector. Thank you for this heap of gold and God bless you.

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